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SMLAS: Touching lives positively

SMLAS: Touching Lives Positively

SMLAS in the course of her work, discovered the great potentials that women have, which has remained untapped. This informed her focus on women empowerment as one of its thematic areas using the mother-hen concept and its multiplier effect. Many women have been sensitized and conscientised through the Women Leadership Programme to acquire skills and go into varying entrepreneurial ventures. This has equally positioned them for leadership roles in the society, even in the realm of politics.



Intelligence is not wrapped around Gender or privileges. When we give equal opportunities, we can develop and bring out the best in all humans.


Touching lives is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience one with a life can ever enjoy; even more to those who least expect or appreciate it.


To be healthy, goes beyond the absence of diseases or infirmities; our thoughts, actions and inactions makes for good health on priceless sale.


Self reliance is a state yearned for, this goes beyond bread and a dime. The empowerment of the mind and the total man precedes productivity


True leadership can only be attained when the governed are truly given a voice to frame and implement the policies about them


An education supersedes the four walls of a class room. we are of the knowledge that it is the greatest gift you can offer to an individual

Welcome to SMLAS

Development work cannot be effective without sharing, SMLAS believes in getting down to our communities where we meet women, youths, children and the vulnerable groups in their real life state. To appreciate the enormity of development work, you need to be on the same seat with the person involved. SMLAS for over 10 years have enjoyed working with women and youths in their natural un fabricated environment. We enjoin you to share in our experiences as you go through the SMLAS website.

A few Testimonies and Comments

Our Values



SMLAS envisions a society where the women, youths and the less privileged are empowered to fight poverty and diseases.



SMLAS stands to enhance the quality of life of women, youths and the less privileged by providing information, support and empowerment.